MST Manufacturing Highlighted by Haas Automation

MST Manufacturing owner Kenneth Statton knows the impact that Made in America products have on helping the nation remain strong. Founding his first machine shop nearly three decades ago, Statton now owns and operates three separate businesses, including Liberty Forged and Parts by MST. From creating crucial parts for the aerospace industry to 30” truck wheels, he is no stranger to using Haas Automation’s products to their full potential.

Haas Automation is one of the leading providers of American-Made CNC machine tools and machines globally. Boasting a complete line of 5-axis machining centers, CNC vertical machining centers, turning centers, and much more, MST Manufacturing’s partnership was no coincidence. Statton relies on the CNC machines provided by Haas Automation daily throughout MST Manufacturing’s sprawling facilities in Claremore, Oklahoma.

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Made in America: A Commitment to Quality

Far too many businesses outsource their manufacturing overseas, often sacrificing quality to decrease price and obtain goods faster. Statton understands the actual value of products that feature a “Made in the USA” tag. That is why each product released by his three companies adheres to strict regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Many businesses that have chosen to pursue foreign manufacturing opportunities will often find that their intellectual property is being stolen or that critical facets of the project are being “lost in translation” – often leading to a subpar product. By partnering with Haas Automation, MST Manufacturing can ensure quality standards, strengthen the local and national economy, and improve shipping capabilities.

Statton believes that it is not only his responsibility to build American but also to buy American. Haas Automation has done an incredible job of helping manufacturers, like MST, obtain the CNC machines and tooling needed at an economical price-point with the added benefit of remaining easy to use. These benefits are why Statton bought his first lathe from the company in 1989 and continues to utilize it to this day.

Why Choose MST Manufacturing?

MST Manufacturing specializes in CNC machining with state-of-the-art equipment, including 5-Axis milling machines. Our extensive experience and equipment allow us to supply many vital industries with the quality precision machining services they need to succeed. Our team has decades of experience providing exceptional parts and tools to the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and other industries. Contact us or call us at (918) 800-1930 to start your next project. 

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